Steamroller Printing

Sometimes you just want to go big.

Thanks to the support and enthusiasm of the staff of the Woodson Art Museum
in Wausau, Wisconsin, I was able to do just that as the museum's Artist-in-Residence.

During my residency week I worked with over 200 students from Wausau area schools to create small linoleum block prints, but the main event occurred at week's end.

Teams of high school students carved 3 x 4-foot plywood blocks, and on a fine spring day they converged on the museum parking lot where we printed their blocks... with a steamroller!

Check out the link at right for a news feature on WJFW-TV in Wausau.

Students inking a large woodblock for printing.

Moving an inked block into place in front of the steamroller.

Placing fabric, ready to print!

Student work hanging to dry.