Find work by Sherrie York in these fine publications:

Printmakers Today
by Jeffrey B. Snyder. Available from Schiffer Books and other fine booksellers.

Inspiring color photos review the art of today's printmakers, from massive installation pieces to small and surprising three-dimensional works. The techniques range from classical to the experimental, including woodcuts, lithographs, screenprints, silkscreens, etching, mezzotint, serigraph print, linocut, solarplate, vitreograph, photoetching, aquatint, drypoint, digital transfer, and more. Each artist describes the techniques employed and inspirations involved.
Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists
by Carla Sonheim

My friend Carla offers a year's worth of projects and ideas to help adult students recover a more spontaneous, playful approach to creating. Some of the projects even involve field sketching... with samples of my work and hints for drawing on location. Available at bookstores everywhere.
Sails, Wind, and Meadow Birds

In 2005, 21 artists from around the world (including me!) traveled to the Dutch province of Utrecht to participate in an art and conservation project of the Artists for Nature Foundation and Het Utrechts Landschap. “Sails, Wind, and Meadow Birds”

An “Editor’s Choice” pick of BBC Magazine.

Books available through Het Utrechts Landschap.

(The website link is for the Foundation's site, which is in Dutch. You can send an email in English to the Foundation and they can send you the English version of the book.)
Beste Beesten/Dear Animals

Artwork by more than 60 international artists, depicting favorite animals from pets to wildlife. Exhibition catalog, hardcover, in Dutch and English.

Books available through Museum Mohlmann.

A few copies available through this website, $40 each includes shipping. First come, first served! Contact Sherrie.
Artists for Nature in Extremadura

In 1994, over 50 artists from 20 countries traveled to the Extremadura region of southwestern Spain to participate in an art and conservation project of the Artists for Nature Foundation. Over the course of several expeditions, hundreds of works of art were produced in an effort to draw attention to the conservation issues and efforts in this ancient cultural landscape.

Books available through The Wildlife Art Gallery or the Artists for Nature Foundation.