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Aspen leaves linocut: Step 8

Linocut in Progress: Curioser and Curioser

You know that saying “Some days you get the bear, and some days the bear gets you?” Perhaps as printmakers we should just say “Some days you get the print…. other days the print gets you.” Progress is happening here, but in the most roundabout manner. After the last transparent gray I wanted to swing […]


We now join this linocut already in progress

It’s a wee bit crazy around here. I have illustration jobs for three different clients on the table, plus a commission project, a website redesign, and all my year-end paperwork/tax prep in progress. So of course all I want to do is print. I’ve been sneaking in a little printing between all this other stuff, […]

Swallow linocut, Step 9

Linocut in Progress: Swallows for the win

It’s funny (in an annoying, frustrating, hair-pulling sort of way) how the steps that I think will be the “easiest” turn out to be the real challenges, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. Case in point: These swallows. After all that mucking around with bits of green and the blends in the sky… a […]